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Answered Prayer 


When GOD has answered your prayer let us know

so we can glorify and praise his name together for what he has done

we will try to put it here when you submit

We praise GOD and give him the glory for what he has done


Answered Prayer 12-6-23

1. Brother Jerry’s Heath improved

2. Sister Judy’s surgery went well.

3. Pastor Simon Team leading many to Christ

4. God’ Presence in our services

5. Brother Jerry  problem fixed in hospital

6. Brother Darrell Bashan request answered

7. Ronnie Parker was moved to a closer Care home

8. Brian Carroll is off of machine and is doing better

9. Preacher had a need fulfilled

10. Michelle spot not cancer

11. God working in Dale’s family

12. Pet found that was missing

13. Preacher & family is doing much better

14. Brayden recovered from Coved

15. Bro.Jerry has went back to work

16. Preacher is back in the Pulpit

17. Tammy F. is doing good health

18. Judy P. is doing very good also

19. Russel Piercy at Home with the Lord

20. Dales grandchild was saved

21. Fanny went back to work

22. Preacher’s grand children got degree’s

23. Child is found

24. Brad G. is free of Covid

25. Michelle’s levels are good

26. Justin’s answered prayer

27. Vicky Robinson doing better

28. Sister Pat’s test went well

29. Miracles Room mate left

30. Pat’s surgery a success

31. Brad got his MRI

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